• Americas & Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Russia & Central Asia
  • South and East Asia
  • SE Asia/Micronesia/Pacific
  • Africa

DAY 2 (Sept 12)
will be dedicated to regional discussions, divided into six regions, where participants will have morning and afternoon sessions focusing on four key aspects of GCAMM: celebrating, joining, sharing, and learning. 

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Storytelling/Oral Verbal
  • Visual/Textile
  • Media

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DAY 3 (Sept 13)
will revolve around six artistic domains: music, dance, drama, storytelling/oral verbal, visual/textile, and media where each artistic genre will have three morning presenters/performers and two afternoon presenters/performers. Each person will be given 15-20 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A session.

  • Wellness, Creativity, Strength

  • Innovation, Resources, Futurity

  • Unity, Connection, Renewal 

  • Worship, Adaptation, Awareness

  • Inclusivity, Truth, Faith

  • Glocal, Integration, Artistry 

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DAY 4 (Sept 14) participants will break into groups to cover various issues:
• Mental Health, Arts and Trauma Healing, Resilience
• Digital Technology, Resources and Tools and What’s Next
• Arts & Reconciliation: Maintaining Healthy Communities
• Cultural Appropriation, Multicultural Worship, Learning New Arts
• Theological Foundations: Unity in Diversity
• Globalization and Ethnodoxological Fusions
with three morning presenters and two afternoon presenters. Each person will be given 15-20 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A session.