GCoMM 2010


Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Stan Moore, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute

Landa Cope,Youth With a Mission

Dr. Ron Man, Greater Europe Mission

Tony Yeo,Covenant Evangelical Free Church of Singapore

Michael Card

Plenary Speakers:

Stan Moore
Landa Cope
Ron Man
Tony Yeo
Michael Card

Breakout Sessions:

Track 01 – Missionary Track

– How to incorporate the arts into your cross-cultural ministry
– How to convince your leaders of the importance of music and arts in missions
– How to run a music discovery workshop
– How to plan a global worship service
– Cultural redemption (Part 1)
– Cultural redemption (Part 2)

Track 02 – Finding Common Ground Track (Creative Communications)

– Finding common ground (track plenary)
– Movies. Stories. God.
– Music for evangelism and soul-awakening
– Born digital: what it means to connect with this Digital Generation
– Discipleship and missions in the Web 2.0 world
– Heart-to-Heart (Q&A forum)

Track 03 – Creative Arts Ministries Track

– The Art of Dance: “For in Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)
– The Art of Theatre: We all have a story to tell!
– The Art of Creating with your hands
– The Art of Welcoming the Child
– The Art of Seeing a Culture
– The Art of Knowing the Artist

Track 04 – Ethnomusicologist Track

– Fieldwork and Data collection
– Understanding the changing Musical Environment
– New contexts for local music and instruments
– Applying ethnomusicology in the church and beyond
– Open topics in ethnomusicology
– Education in ethnomusicology (Panel)

Track 05 – Musicians Track

– Sing a new song
– Discovering your heart music
– Composing heart music
– Thinking outside the church box
– Exceptional examples of new songs in Asia
– Empowering and mobilizing the heart music of others

Track 06 – Chinese Ministries Track

– Music has no barriers [宣教与音乐]
– Christian contemporary music for Chinese [新纪元广播无界限]
– Media for missions [新纪元的宣教观]
– Bible made alive [經歷聖經,飛越時空]
– From small to large-scale and business plan [福音影视企业之展望]
– CD-not-for-sale survival plan [让赞美飞扬]

More content coming soon!

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