Participant Testimonials

“We had a little glimpse of what heaven is like when people of different nations worship and share the heartbeat of God together. Well done! Shalom!”2010 Participant
“Fantastic conference! Well done and thank you for all your hard work!”
“The time of worship was an eye opener for me and helped me to understand how worship will be in the heaven as it is written in Revelation.”
“We are so glad we went!! Thank you to all who worked hard to put GCoMM 2010 together!”
“Greatly exceeded my expectations–I was touched and blessed in so many ways. My life and especially my ministry will be forever changed because of this GCoMM experience.”2006 Participant
“Very well planned and organized; very informative; good networking opportunities.”
“The international music celebration was unforgettable–to praise the Lord with such variety.”
“It met my needs by providing me practical tips and ideas on how can my cultural practices be used to share the gospel. The actual example from other countries made me see how mine can be used too.”
“I did not expect to see so many people from many countries. This was a positive surprise.”2003 Participant
“Keep up the scholarly content for us practitioners!”
“I met with like-minded people and began relationships for future partnerships.”
“GCoMM should be two weeks–half-day sessions and people connecting better.”
“The consultation went beyond my expectations–especially in networking, and I met people I never expected to be here–that I already knew–plus making some excellent new friends.”
“The rich cultural diversity was more than I expected. The worship band was awesome!”2006 Participant
“Tremendous international worship experience!”
“It met my expectations perfectly. I was able to learn what others were doing on the field and examine how I might better serve those I work among.”
“I met someone in my own organization who is using the types of methods I have been interested in. I didn’t know there was anyone in the organization doing that.”
“Outstanding breakout sessions–very informative. An absolutely marvelous consultation!”2006 Participant
“Having the proceedings CD will be extremely helpful!”
“It’s been good to have some foundational teaching on worship. Keep it on the agenda each year.”
‘I enjoyed the global band. Neat to realize that many missionaries have had the same experience as us in using music as a bridge into culture and the hearts of their national hosts. I am amazed at the incredible musical talent of so many missionaries. This is a great encouragement.”
“It is rare to get so many music missionaries together to interact with–that attracted me the most–also to learn about improving musical/missional/theological skills to be more effective on the field.”
“I am new to the ethnomusicology field and this conference gave me a good broad overview and filled me with fire to dig deeper.”2006 Participant
“I love that this whole conference was bathed in prayer! God’s presence was with us!”
“The plenary (sessions) refreshed my spirit, and the breakout (sessions) equipped me for God’s ministry.”
“While the methodology and case studies were wonderful, my favorite aspect was the focus on what worship really is–apart from its various expressions.”
“It exceeded my expectations, providing methodology, live international music, and ministering to my spirit as well.”2006 Participant
“The music before plenary sessions was such an encouragement–a taste of heaven–where all peoples will worship together around the throne.”
“Thank you for including so many international speakers on the program. Thank you for allowing so much participation.”
“I like hearing from the “grass-roots”–people who are “doing it” and wrestling with the reality of issues.”
“Gave me ideas/inspiration for my work which is totally what I wanted.”
“Great opportunity to learn new songs and experience great multicultural worship.”
“International music evening was awesome.”
“Very informative on what is happening with music and missions as well as providing info on education and other ways to be involved. Thank you!”
“No matter how busy people were, they still took time to talk, minister, and provide info and wisdom. Thank you!”
“I was mostly encouraged by the times of worship together with so many musicians who love Jesus. I was deeply moved.”
“It was great to connect with others working in my region.”
“The worship was awesome as well as all the discussion on life as worship.”
“I got some good refreshers in music transcription from Mr. Meyer, and a good example from Mardoqueo on teaching people to compose.”
“Thank you so very much for the privilege and pleasure of being a participant at the Global Conference on Music and Missions. The experience has exceeded my highest expectations, and I sincerely appreciate your labor to serve and glorify God through serving us. I pray that God will bring much good fruit from your labor!”
“I praise God for giving us the opportunity to attend this consultation. And by the grace of God I hope that some of the lessons learned here will guide us in our future ministry.”2003 Participant
“Keep up the great work.”
“You all did a great job!”
“Let’s do it again – definitely! I like the format. Got a lot in the 4 days.”
“The whole experience was wonderful!”
“Thanks so much for all the hard work. May God bless you guys.”
“Overall, I was truly so impressed. Thank you so much for all your hard work to make this possible for me. It was life-changing & life altering for me truly! Praise God! It helped me to re-align some areas in my life regarding music/missions and gave me incredible direction in my present circumstances.”2003 Participant
“I’m very impressed with the organization and preparation for this conference. I can’t think of any improvements!”
“Thank you so much!!”
“Thank you very much. Nicely Done!”
“This is great! The resources are wonderful, and because I came straight from the field and will be going directly back, I would like to buy many cassettes because I have very few resources where I am. This is great food, and I would like to buy many…”
“PLEASE have another one. This consultation was a blessing!”2003 Participant
“It was the best. Thank you for hearing from the Lord and acting on it.”
“Thanks for all your effort and hanging in there. May the Lord bless you as you continue in Him.”
“The opportunity to learn from missionaries who have had a lot of experience doing ethnomusicology was very valuable and I’m sure it will impact and change our ministry.”
“I enjoyed everything, and the Lord has spoken to me. It was a privilege to be here.”
“It was great to see all the work going on.”
“It was far beyond my expectations!”
“I hoped to come to get ideas about what to pursue in music and missions (I’m just a 19-year-old student) and to make connections with people. Both happened!”
“This was a phenomenal conference. So many quality workshops, worship experiences, etc. This is probably the best conference I have ever attended.”2003 Participant
“It was an eye-opening time for me.”
“I have a much better understanding of what ethnomusicology is. I learned great concepts to take back to the field, and networked with other people. It changed some of my ways of thinking. So many amazing, knowedgable people were here!”
“I felt that a lot of very devoted servants of God were deeply encouraged throught the worship, the interaction, the messages and the seminars.”
“It surpassed my expectations. What a blessing.”
“I’m so glad I came!”
“It exceeded my expectation, especially in the number of attendees and global variety of attendees and speakers.”
“Input from missionaries in break out seminars was very helpful. There were many well-prepared seminars.”
“The most meaningful aspect of the consultation for me was the quality of the teaching. It was an excellent mix of field practitioners, academics and pastors.”Dr. John Piper